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Design instruction. Industry news. Life prep. Student artwork. Bad jokes. Cool music. Good times.

How To Print And Save For Web
  • Select your paper size (Letter or Legal)
  • Be sure the orientation is correct (Portrait or Landscape) and check
    the SCALE TO FIT MEDIA box.
  • Print to the Lexmark (Copy 2) printer

  • Open your work and do a COPY MERGED copy of it
  • Create a new file and paste it.
  • Go to IMAGE- IMAGE SIZE and change the resolution to 100dpi
  • With your file open, go to FILE - SAVE FOR WEB & DEVICES
  • In the upper right corner, select the JPEG option and make sure it's
  • In the lower left corner, you'll see the file tag JPEG and a time in
    seconds. It should be under 100 seconds.
  • Choose SAVE and select your block folder.
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Semester 1
Study guides for Photoshop and Illustrator
certification exams can be found by clicking
on the text above.



Groove Salad is the channel I play
in class all the time
Semester 2
LEARNING GOALS FOR THE WEEK is a simple web page creator that lets you look at thousands of website
templates and then save one and edit it. Remove their pictures, put in yours.
Remove their text, put in yours.  Changing color schemes, etc.. The best portfolio
pages have a simple landing (or Splash) page, and then links to your gallery.

Some student examples can be
found here. Design an online portfolio for
yourself. Include your artwork you've designed this semester, year or so far during
your time in class. Your name should figure prominently into the design.
Pages should include:
  • Index Page - Examples Page - About You Page - Contact Page

*Pictures for upload must be saved JPEG, BMP, PNG or TIFF formats.

  • Save As to your folder with your name in the title.
  • Go through each standard regardless of level and start checking off what
    you know you have accomplished and provide your corresponding proof.
Direct To Garment Printer
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2015 - 2016
1. Photoshop Practice Flipped Face Jan. 13th 2017
1. Layout 2 Proiects (Levels 2 - 4)

2. Event Flyer (Levels 2 - 6) Fri Jan 13th

3. City of Largo Football Logo - Fri Jan 13th

4. Op Art Project  Fri. January 27th 2017

5. Color Theory Project  Wed  Feb. 1st  2017

6. Magazine Cover & Favorite Food Ad Feb 1st 2017
(Turn in magazine cover thumbnails)

7. Chroma Depth Artwork

8. Typography - 20 Things Pre-production

9. Typography - Graphic Word Designs (3)

10. Typography - Graphic Word .gif (1)


11. Typography - Original Font Design (Fri Mar. 31st)

12. You're In The Movies - Poster

13. Teaser Movie Poster

14. Recreate a Movie Poster in Distinct Style

15. Gaming Class Branding project (Final)

16. WIX Website update

17. State Standard Summary of Projects
Some highlights of the 2016 - 2017 year
2. Photoshop - Who I Am  Fri. January 20th 2017
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3. Op Art Project  Fri. January 27th 2017

4. Color Theory Project  Wed  Feb. 1st  2017

5. Masking And Photo Retouching projects Feb 17th
  • Aminal Hybrids
  • Before and After
  • I Was There

6. Typography - 20 Things Pre-production March 2nd

7. Graphic Word interpretations  Fri. March 10th

8. Graphic Word .gif  Fri. March 10th

9. WIX Website Portfolio  - End of Semester


10. Adobe Illustrator 4 Pre-Production Projects

11. Adobe Illustartor Face Trace (Tues April 3rd)

12. You're In The Movies - Poster

13. Teaser Movie Poster

14. Recreate a Movie Poster

15. Personal Poster Project

16. WIX Website

17. State Standard Summary of Projects
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NEW STUDENTS (1st Semester)
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  • Exam Study Guide  Click Here
  • Finish Your Yearbook Page
  • Finish District and Class surveys (links below)
  • Finish Your Online Portfolio (This is a grade)
  • Finish Your State Standards Log (This is a grade) (Links below)
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  • Mr. Juul being selected as Pinellas Adult Career Technical Education Association 2016 - 2017 Instructor Of The Year

  • Third year student Jessie Thames won a poster design contest for the Tampa Bay Improv Festival. Her poster was
    used as the festival promotional piece across multiple platforms. She received $100, a weekend pass to the festival,
    a framed poster and she was attended a signing session where she could autograph her posters.

  • Upper level students worked on a logo design project for CW Concrete

  • Industry professionals Christopher Tompkins from the GO! Agency and freelance designer Mike Fogel stopped by to
    speak with students about the design industry and job market. Chris offered internships to any interested students (if
    they met the correct criteria.

  • In a partnership facilitated by Marti Giancola, students entered into a ‘virtual internship’ with the City of Largo to be
    an extension of their graphic design department. Second semester, All students have worked on color theory,
    typography and are now in poster design. Color theory had students exploring art history, op art and optical illusions,
    color theory had them creating Chroma Depth photos that use special 3D glasses to view, they’ve created their own
    font families and used software to download their creations as actual fonts they can use in projects of for themselves.
    The final upcoming project for students is a co-teach project with Mrs. Kirk whereby our students will be branding the
    gaming students final game projects. We create boxes, logos and the full design. We’ll also be creating a poster and
    a splash web page for the game.

  • Students designed a poster for the Hearts Rock For Kids event held on the CAS campus. Designer Jessie Thames
    this poster contest

  • Students entered into a design contest for a logo for the City of Largo Flag Football team. Jessie Thames design was

  • Student of the Month for March, Sarah Reed began a City of Largo design project designing seed packets, hand
    fans and stickers for the cities sustainability partnership and program encouraging residents to plant Florida friendly

  • Upper Level students completed T-Shirt designs, banner designs for the City of Largo

  • Upper level student Alecia Bechtold competed in Regional SkillsUSA Competition in the category of Job Skill demo,
    where she demonstrated the design process and skills she learned in class as it related to her internship with the City
    of Largo in summer of 2016. She created magazines ads, rack cards and passes for Fourth of July events. She
    placed 5th out of 12 students.

  • City of Largo banner project and t-shirt design was completed by upper level student Gabby Hamblin

  • Commercial Arts class began a partnership with PTEC. Designer Ilyce Forman (present this evening) helped facilitate
    this project. Alicia will be creating multiple ads for PTEC’s programs and campuses which will run online and in local
    publications to interest students in taking classes.

  • City of Largo T-Shirt project complete d by upper level student Lou Lou Cugino. Lou Lou is also working on a final
    project of her choosing, whereby she is revamping the menu for her mom’s oyster restaurant on Indian Rocks Beach.

  • City of Largo large, tri-fold floor display was designed along with specialty infographics for the “Only Rain Down The
    Drain” campaign to keep chemicals, fertilizers and other wastes out of Pinellas County waters.

  • 11 students received industry certifications

  • The class had seven, three-year course completers

  • Student Jacob Lewis received scholarship funds through the Rotary Club of Seminole