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Learning Adobe Photoshop
  • Industry standard software used by graphic designers, web
    designers, photographers, web content providers and much more.
Photoshop In A Nutshell
MASKING  (Click Here)
  • The links and projects below will help get you started using Photoshop
Students New To Photoshop Will Start Here
  • Constrain select your image (Marquee Tool -- Select it -- Hit your arrow key)
  • Go to EDIT. Come down to DEFINE BRUSH PRESET.
  • Name Your Brush.
  • Open your brush pallet. It's the last brush in the bunch.
Ways To Understand Adobe Photoshop
Resources For Photoshop
New Students | PROJECT  Flip Face & Filters (3 points)
New Students | PROJECT  Who I Am (3 points)
  1. Follow this link to the Task Sheet project specifics (3 points)
  2. Example
  3. These are all last name information sites. Look up information about your last name
Learning Goals
  • Can you follow the instructions to specifications? It's extremely important in this industry.
  • Identifying and using different file formats
  • Use of Photoshop.
  • You get familiar with the tools in Photoshop, manipulating images, copying and pasting, saving files,
    Photoshop filters, shortcuts and beginning photo manipulation including opacity / masking / superimposing.
  • Use of typography and font families
  • You find out more about your own heritage and some facts about your own name.
  • You introduce yourself to others in our class.
New Students | PROJECT  Photo Retouching (5 Pts)
  • There's two parts to this:
           Part 1 - You Retouch 3 Damaged Photos
           Your resource photos are in the class resource folder titled 00_Class Resources.
           Choose any three and retouch them using the Spot healing, Content Aware and Healing brushes.
           Save a 'before' and 'after version as a .jpeg
New Students | PRE-PRODUCTION  Retouching
New Students | PROJECT    Bad Family Portrait (3 points)
  • Attention All Photoshoppers... your job is to create a portrait of yourself that looks just like these below...
  • 300 dpi. 4.25 x 5.5. Saved as a JPEG titled YOUR NAME and in a folder titled BAD CLASS PORTRAITS.
  • You'll need to figure out -
  • Sizes
  • File Formats
  • Using Industry Software
  • Use lights, backdrops and a digital camera
  • Discover how to do the fade effect as shown
  • Share your information if asked.

Above And Beyond ('A' Project)
  • Help anyone who doesn't know how to use Photoshop how to do this (Bonus Points)
      How will you demonstrate this?
  • Set up a portrait studio and help take photos of students (Bonus Points)
         How will you demonstrate this?
New Students | PROJECT   Photo Retouching(5 Pts)
  • There's two parts to this:
New Students | PRE-PRODUCTION  How To Mask
New Students | PROJECT  Hybrid Aminals (3 points)