Beginners Guide To Laser Engraving
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Learning Adobe Photoshop
  • Our Laser Engraver is a 35 watt Universal brand, floor model laser
    engraver. You can engrave on wood, plastic, leather, food, matte
    board, glass, aluminum and many other materials.  You can also cut
    with this machine. You can make pretty much any kind of adhesive
    vinyl stickers and lettering. We can make signs, banners, decals and
    more. It cuts vinyl , paper, poster board, matte board, etc.
Learning Laser Engraving
Engraving In A Nutshell
Starting The Software
1) Open up Corel Draw on the computer. Make a new file. You should see a 24" x 12" live area.
2) Arrange the rulers so you start at 0" on your vertical and horizontal axis's

1)  Open Photoshop. Check the Image Size resolution and change it to 100
2)  Copy your image
3)  Switch back to Corel Draw. Paste your image
4)  Size it according to what you're engraving or cutting out.

1)  Open Photoshop. Check the Image Size resolution and change it to 100
2)  Copy your image
3)  Switch back to Corel Draw. Paste your image
4)  Size it accordingly.
5)  Choose the _____Outline Image option
6)  COREL TRACE will open.
7)  Choose the Trace By Outline option. It will trace your bitmap or raster image into a vector.
8)  Save your traced file somewhere you can find it.
9)  Go back to your Corel Draw file and delete that image you pasted originally.
10) Choose IMPORT IMAGE, then find your newly traced vector file.
11) Reposition and resize accordingly

Starting The Machine & Setting Up Your Item In The Machine
1) Turn on the two vents - one is a switch on the wall, one is a venting unit on the floor to the left of the machine.
2) Turn on the engraver itself. Power button is on the right side. It takes about 20 seconds to boot up.
3) Open the lid all the way.
4) Place what you're engraving / cutting into the left corner, up against the vertical & horizontal rulers.
5) Look on the face of the machine and press the "Z" key
6) The laser carrieage will move towards what you're engraving.
7) Find the measuring tool (The 'Dork') and set it on the item you're engraving. There's a notch on it that needs to line
up with the laser carriage. Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to adjust the table height until the Dork gently hugs the
side of the laser carriage.
8). Once you have the height set, hit the Z key again and the carriage returns.

Starting The Job
1) From Corel Draw... save your file, then choose print.
2) A Dialogue box pops up.
3) Choose __________
4) Look at those colored dots. BLACK means you are engraving something. RED means you are outlining / kiss cutting
5) Choose your color, then choose SKIP, VECT/RAST, RASTER, VECTOR
6) Have a look at the SETTINGS. A) Speed  B) Power  C) PPI
7) Check out the settings booklet (Yellow folder) and choose your settings for a 35 Watt Laser.
8) Once you've chosen the settings, press the _________Key
9) Check the display on the Laser Machine. The name of your file andc your settings should appear
10) Press START