1. Get Started
  2. Add text
  3. Format text
  4. Add & Transform Graphics
  5. Apply Color and Effects

  • PROJECTS: Adobe Tutorials  (You'll practice and create) 15 projects total 1 pt. each
    1. Page Layout Course (Watch)
    2. Beginner projects (5 Projects)
  • Set Up Postcard
  • Create Magazine Call-Out
  • Create Retro Text Effect
  • Apply A Decorative Drop Cap
  • Make a Personalized Thank You Card

      3. More InDesign tutorials  (Choose any 10 of  the 15) Make two of them the resume and business card.

    4. Premium courses (Choose any 5 of the 7)
        The topics for the brochure or newsletter, etc.are your choice.

    5. Five Key Topics Which Will Be Required For Certification (Watch)
VIDEO LEARNING SERIES - InDesign For Beginners
Design instruction. Industry news. Life prep. Student artwork. Bad jokes. Cool music. Good times.
Learning Adobe In-Design
In Design In A Nutshell
  • Industry standard page layout software
  • Lets you combine text and images for brochures, magazines, business
    cards, flyers, posters, mobile devices and more.
  • Outputs using several different file formats. PDF is one.
  • Watch this short video to learn more about what InDesign can do.
InDesign Resources

      Essential InDesign tutorials and learning resources for getting started and new features.

      Learn the basics of InDesign CS5 and CS5.5 with Getting Started and New Features tutorials by product experts.

    A collection of beginner guides on various InDesign topics like the best way to create a new document, how to import text and images
    and even useful advice on what to do when a document is corrupted and how to make comments and track changes.

         An excellent collection of beginner guides on various InDesign topics.
  • Adobe TV InDesign CS5 Support Learn InDesign
InDesign Resources
InDesign Projects
TEST YOURSELF  - InDesign Quizzes