Learning Adobe Illustrator
Beginners Guide To Adobe Illustrator
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  • Industry standard software used by graphic designers, web
    designers, photographers, web content providers, illustrators game
    designers, character designers and much more. Main file format is
    VECTOR. FIles are SCALEABLE, meaning they can be enlarged or
    reduced to any size and remain crisp and clean.
Pre-Production: What Is Adobe Illustrator (These show you what the software can be used for)
Preview These Illustrator examples
2. Read Pages 1 - 4 |
What Is Illustrator?
3. Start with Number 1  Overview — Take a one-minute tour
4. Work your way through Number 2 -  Essentials for beginners

Illustrator In A Nutshell
Related Resources
File Formats Explained
Advanced Resources For Adobe Illustrator
Step 1 | Pre-Production: Adobe Illustrator - Skill Builders (These introduce you to using the software)

Step 2 | Pre-Production: Adobe Illustrator - Getting Familiar (Further clarification on the software use)
         (use some headphones for the videos)
  1. Get to Know Illustrator
  2. Create and Edit Shapes
  3. Transform and Edit Artwork
  4. Changing Color In your Work
  5. Using Text In Illustrator

Step 3 | Project - Beginners Pen Tool Exercises (Practice) 1pt
  1. Pen Tool Exercise -  Basic to Intermediate Tracing Exercises (Turn in this training)
  2. Basic Shape Tracing - 1 (Turn in this training)

Step 4 | Project - Intermediate Pen Tool Exercises (More Practice and Effects) 1pt

Intermediate Tutorials (For when you're feeling good about how to use the software) *Extra Credit 1/2 pt each
Project | Adobe Illustrator - Self Portrait Instructions
Inking A Cartoon Illustration Explained
Adobe Illustrator Weekly Tutorial: One New Thing For The Week
Project | Adobe Illustrator - Portrait Instructions
Project | Adobe Illustrator - Character Design  3 pts
Project | Adobe Illustrator - Emoji Sets  (Click Here To See How To Set Up Your Final)
  • Emoji Design Set Task Sheet
  • You will be creating several emoji sets... an interpretation set, you as an emoji & a design selected at random
Project  | Adobe Illustrator - Isometric Perspective Instructions