Good Reads - December 2014
This week in Science for November 30th

The Cicret - your skin as a display screen

Vorticism art movement (Submitted by David Bowie)
Monday, December 1st 2014
Cool animated gif shows 3 stages of how we breath (Submitted by
. Reed)

Expansive drawing done in the snow (Submitted by S. Reed)

Artist of the Day: Alexandre Diboine (Submitted by S. Reed)
Tuesday, December 2nd 2014
Pink Noise redefines how we sleep (Submitted by S. Stott)

Filtration device turns Coke back into "the real thing"  (Submitted
by S. Stott)

What every young designer should know, from Apple
designer Susan Kare
Wednesday, December 3rd 2014
Visualize music notes with Pianogram

The end of clip art via Microsoft

German graphic designer Florian Schommer
Thursday, December 4th 2014
What timing! Ben & Jerry's announce rebranding of their
entire packaging line!

History of Web Design in 9 gifs

Five design issues to avoid when designing for Facebook
Monday, December 8th 2014
The future of social media advertising

The Pulp-O-Mizer pulp magazine cover generator

New Meteorite Hints that Life on Mars is More Likely Than
Previously Thought  (Submitted by N. Madden)
Tuesday, December 9th 2014
Royal Mail targets small businesses with 3D printing service
(Submitted by Alek K)

Annotated pages from some of the world's greatest
illustrators and kids books (Submitted by Alek K)

Pop-Up Victor Vasarely book
Wednesday, December 10th 2014
The soft light (Submitted by A. Tomassi)

100 foot tall steel horse sculptures (Submitted by A. Tomassi)

Polish illustrator Adam Quest
Thursday, December 11th 2014
Photographer recreates 1980's style portraits (Submitted by T. Sok)

25 Stunning and Creative Product/Industrial Designs (Submitted
by T. Wise)

Four ways to figure out what youy really want to do with
yourself (Submitted by J. Smith)
Friday, December 12th 2014
20+ Mesmerizing Mosque Ceilings (Submitted by C. Burke)

9 Ways to De-Stress Before a Big Exam

A Quick Guide to Gaining Confidence When You Socialize
Monday, December 15th 2014