Good Reads - November 2015
Monday,November 2nd 2015
20 rebranding disasters you can learn from

Fun digital illustrations of popular food pairings

Cool kinetic sculptures (we can make these with laser engraver)
Tuesday, November 3rd 2015
Some pros and cons of flat design

1 page web sites which prove less is more

How to promote yourself as a designer without bragging
Wednesday, November 4th 2015
Where do colors come from

Vector Diary

Tips for creating memorable logos
Thursday, November 5th 2015 - if you're serious as a designer, use this resource

Do you have a jazz mind or a classical mind? - highlighting trends in design
Friday, November 6th 2015
City of Clearwater gets new logo and rebrand

Infographic: The Best And Worst Rebrands Of All Time

The monster project
Monday, November 9th 2015
10 Perspective changers

26 Incredible Resources Every Designer Should Know

Five facts about the film Inside Out's character designs
Tuesday, November 10th 2015
10 super powers all designers should strive to possess

Rubber stamp logo designs

Victoria Crayhon and her marquee art
Wednesday, November 11th 2015
Inspiring Collection Of Design Quotes And Sayings

23 Print Ads That Use Humor In Their Design

Fonts In
Thursday, November 12th 2015
Adobe Illustrator for beginners: 11 top tips

Cool collection of editorial illustrations

Friday, November 13th 2015
Lost art of matchbook cover design

Logos & Typography by Dawid Cmok

The 3 Key Traits Of An Exceptional Designer
Monday, November 16th 2015
50 Habits To Include In Your Day For A Happier, Healthier Mind

7 Keys to Creating a Brand Logo That Works Absolutely

Daily Inspiration for designers
Tuesday, November 17th 2015
Adobe Illustrator portrait design tips

40 Funny Posters About Graphic Designers

Artist Davit Yukhanyan makes illustrations with illustrations
Wednesday, November 18th 2015
Think Tank design studio

Cleverly Designed Graphic Words

How the 'Peace For Paris' logo spread aroun d the world
Thursday, November 19th 2015
Cool design student experiments from Japan

Illustrative Works by German Gonzalez

10 Excellent Pieces Of Advice Every Artist Should Remember
Friday, November 20th 2015
Where do ideas come from?

20 Graphic Designers to watch on YouTube

The reinvention of the movie poster
Monday, November 30th 2015
10 common Adobe Illustrator mistakes to avoid

Graphic Design resume tip sheet

Reimagined Star Wars posters