Good Reads - October 2016
Monday, October 3rd 2016
How Ash from Pokemon has changed

10 companies own & control all the worlds major food brands

The Scale of the Manmade and Natural Marvels That Surround Us
Tuesday, October 4th 2016
Uncovering the secret history of street signs

Ghosts of WWII seemlessly blended into today

Gravity Sketch lets you sketch in 3D with no hardware
Wednesday, October 5th 2016
Branding used to mean logo. Now it means Artificial Intelligence

33 Tips for How to Make Digital Artworks That Look Hand-made

How do optical illusions work
Thursday, October 6th 2016
Mirror spiders... yes, these are real

2016’s Biggest Logo Redesigns

Unique mediums used in artwork
Monday, October 10th 2016
Fossil Watch Design Contest - $2k prize! (18+!)

Google To Design A Typeface For Every Language On Earth

Turn a photo into pixel art
Tuesday, October 11th 2016
Types of logos (and how to use them)

Adobe Illustrator tutorial: Create a new style of vector portrait

9 Ways video games can be good for you
Thursday, October 13th 2016
’70s innovations that shaped how people created and listened to
music throughout the decade

The accidental power of design

5 Possible Jobs For You Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality
Friday, October 14th 2016
Classic posters if critiqued by a graphic designer client

The 10 Pantone colors for 2017

A Levitating Wireless Speaker in the Shape of a Storm Cloud
Monday, October 17th 2016
Pandora Rebrands For The First Time In 11 Years

Infographic - Sleeping habits of aminals

The 35 Most Innovative Apps Of The Year
Tuesday, October 18th 2016
Artist Chie Hitotsuyama - Sculptures made from rolled newspaper

A Complete Guide To Getting A Design Job In 2030

Designing Snapchat geofilters
Wednesday, October 19th 2016
Scientists Accidentally Discover Process to Turn CO2 Into
Ethanol. Go Science!

Graphic Design students better their community

Crappy designs
Thursday, October 20th 2016
Sad animal facts illustrations

Levitating turntable is wicked awesome

Lo fi animations of Ori Toori
Friday, October 21st 2016
31 horror movie posters so good it’s scary

26 best Adobe Illustrator tutorials

Edible food packaging
Monday, October 24th 2016
11 Great Adobe Illustrator Portrait Tips

Uber rebrands itself

Polygons: A collapsable, versatile spoon. Great industrial deisgn
Tuesday, October 25th 2016
Who is scared of what by state. Great use of infographics

Designing for people with varying disabilities

These real life depictions of cartoon characters will freak you out!
Wednesday, October 25th 2016
Is this the year of illustration?

Creating The ‘Perfect’ Logo

Dad turns his 6 year old sons drawings into real photos
Thursday, October 26th 2016
9 annoying things every designer does

What is an optical illusion?

7 logos that should never have been changed
Friday, October 27th 2016
8 entrepreneurial skills YOU should know

5 things to keep in mind when designing logos

10 essential tips for Adobe Illustrator students to learn
Monday, October 31st 2016
Halloween by the numbers (infrographic)

The inspiration for 'Psycho', 'Silence of the Lambs' and more.

Microsoft Surface Studio, A powerful designer friendly PC