Good Reads - October 2015
Friday, October 2nd 2015
Nietzsche on How to Find Yourself and the True Value of Education

Geometry of Logo Design – An Intertwined Look at Basic Shapes

Minimalist paint set teaches color theory
Thursday, October 1st 2015
An illustrated guide to typography

4 tips on creativity from the creator of Calvin & Hobbes

Amazingly detailed paper cuts
Monday, October 5th 2015
The Transformative Power of the Gratitude Habit

Ambient Mixer - Mix music - environments - sounds

Information is beautiful - infographics
Tuesday, October 6th 2015
21 cereals from the 80's and 90's you never knew existed

The new FLIF file format

Basics of color correction & enhancing your photos
Wednesday, October 7th 2015
10 Myths about Graphic Design

100 most valuable brands in the world

Google Creates Clever, Surreal Hybrid-Paintings Made Up Of
Everyday Objects
Thursday, October 8th 2015
A 3-D Coloring Book Capable Of Bringing Your Drawings To Life

Monochromatic Typographic Posters Feature Inspiring Quotes
Of Famous Creatives

Why Experts Say Meditation Will Make You Rich — Or At Least
Better at Your Job
Friday, October 9th 2015
The future of bidness cards - digitally sync to smart devices

Adobe's new app turns 2-D selfies into 3-D fun

Vertical panoramas of NY cathedrals
Monday, October 12th 2015
35 Logos that were rejected

How graphic design can accomplish most anything

10 interesting color tools for designers
Tuesday, October 13th 2015
Inter Mental - A symbolic classification of tech and
internet-induced mental disorders

The Art of Communication - Creative Type + Lettering

26 resources every designer should be aware of
Wednesday, October 14th 2015
10 Tips for designing album covers in a digital age

If logos were honest

Become a better designer in 100 days - take the challenge!
Thursday, October 15th 2015
50 Key Graphic Design Terms Explained Simply For
Non-Designers (and students)

John Berg, iconic album cover design, passes away

Super stylish package design
Friday, October 16th 2015
Typorama - Typography Generator, Cool Fonts Pic Design and
Instant Creative Text over Photo Editor

Common Photoshop fails to avoid

100+ Inspirational Quotes for Designers
Tuesday, October 20th 2015
21 tiny lifestyle changes you can make to be healthier

Awesome Swiss design style book covers

A better, more flexible pair of glasses?
Wednesday, October 21st 2015
50 dookie fresh logos

Berlin street graffitii

Hologram house calls
Thursday, October 22nd 2015
34 Eye catching logotypes

Illustrator Kristina Webb

31 design techniques to create 2 letter logos
Friday, October 23rd 2015
The Top Three Productivity Mistakes People Make And How To
Correct Them

Lauren the illustrator and her monster mash-ups

Logo design process - how the pro's do it.
Monday, October 26th 2015
4 Ways Pixar designs winning stories

Effective ways to brand your business

‘Fontself’ Lets You Create Hand-Lettered Fonts In Photoshop &
Tuesday, October 27th 2015
What makes a memorable logo design?

50 awesome band logos

Some daily design inspiration
Wednesday, October 28th 2015
Infographics reveal 2 kinds of people

Thinking your way is the only way is actually the wrong way

Truth speaking infographics
Thursday, October 29th 2015
How packaging influences the way we experience food

15 Awesome movie posters from 2015

Why travel and multicultural acceptance is important for young
Friday, October 29th 2015
How packaging influences the way we experience food

Behind Netflix new branding

116 things that can give you cancer