Good Reads - October 2014
Designer Lee Griggs (3D models, Photos) (Submitted by L. Thompson)

Educational .gifs that teach you something (Submitted by E. White)

15 perfectly timed dog photos (Submitted by E. White)
Monday, September 29th 2014
Things I wish I Knew Before Becoming A Graphic Designer  
(Submitted by J. Smith)

Laser Engraving fine art examples (Submitted by E. Fergenbaum)

Artist profile Olle Forsslöf (Submitted by S. Reed)
Tuesday, September 30th 2014
Hong Kong's crazy high rises (Submitted by J. Lewis)

High tech Spy Gadgets used in College (Submitted by J. Lewis)

Thom Yorke of Radiohead uses bit torrent to distribute new
Wednesday, October 1st 2014
Illustrator Thierry Martin (Submitted by S. Reed)

Paris street art (Submitted by C.Burrows)

UK Grad Designs - DigitalArts website (Submitted by A, Komarnitzky)
Thursday, October 2nd 2014
Stupid cool 8-bit Movie Gifs (Submitted by S. Nichols)

70 amazing street arts's' (Submitted by S. Nichols)

Kevin Weir's Fluxmachine ghostly gifs (Submitted by C. Mann)
Friday, October 3rd 2014
Optical Illusion Makes Building Appear To Float In Mid-Air

Dezeen London Arts Festival  (Submitted by A. Tavarez)

Red Dot Awards - Design Concepts - (Submitted by A. Tavarez)
Monday, October 6th 2014
Inkless solar tanning paper printing

The food waste fiasco

Self assembling furniture grows like popcorn
Tuesday, October 7th 2014
Researchers create ultra-thin “Diamond” nano-thread

James Bond style test cheating devices in China (Submitted by J.

Deconstructed bird & insect wing patterns
Wednesday, October 8th 2014
3D printed heart helps save infant (Submitted by E. Brooks)

The dangers of a smart-car  (Submitted by E. Brooks)

8 technologies inspired by the octopus  (Submitted by C. Jiminez)
Thursday, October 9th 2014
Which console is better XBox 740 or PS4 (Submitted by A. Jacobsen)

Digital Arts Magazine - October Creative Trends

How emotional debt damages design Submitted by A. Komarnitzky)
Friday, October 10th 2014
A veteran teacher shadows two students for two days

Ishkurs Guide to Electronic Music

Some graphic design inspirations
Monday, October 13th 2014
10 cool examples of typographic street art

Photoshop masking tips

Inside The Design Of Norway's Beautiful New Banknotes
Tuesday, October 14th 2014
The Copenhagen Wheel continues to spread

Gorgeous Typographic Covers For 26 Classic Books

Refoldable cardboard standing computer desk
Thursday, October 16th 2014
The Fox Is Black

Logo Designs - Footballs

Painting without paint (Submitted by S. Stott)
Friday, October 17th 2014
A Soft Murmer

Comic Sans Criminal

45 monster tutorials for Halloween season.
Tuesday, October 21st 2014
A real life Back To The Future hoverboard!

Drew Tyndall's Looping Illustrations

35 beautiful album covers
Wednesday, October 22nd 2014
Graphic Design Trends 2014 (Submitted by L. Thompson)

Logo design - Monsters & Witches (Submitted by L. Thompson)

Isaac Asimov - how do people get new ideas?
Thursday, October 23rd 2014
Under the sea... (Submitted by O. Thompson)

EMV chip card on their way to your bank credit card (Submitted by
O. Thompson)

This is good design. Lost at the RijksMuseum? 3D map
Friday, October 24th 2014
Seven deadly sins of web design (Submitted by T. Sok)

10 examples of cool scrolling websites (Submitted by T. Sok)

Famous gaming vehicles rendered using Illustrator
Monday, October 27th 2014
20 Creative Business Cards (Submitted by T. Sok)

Adventure Time: The Art of oooo book preview  (Submitted by S. Reed)

Huge murals by Agostino Lacurci
Tuesday, October 28th 2014
Possible interiors of future airplanes = terrifying.

Japanese Illustrator Kanae Sotoe

Comic Illustrator Ralph Niese
Wednesday, October 29th 2014
You've seen the film, now buy the furniture  (Submitted by Alek K)

Bamboo theme restaurant in Thailand (Submitted by Alek K)

The dwindling art of thumbnail sketches
Thursday, October 30th 2014
50 insane facts about Florida  (Submitted by J. Smith)

7interesting facts about graphic design careers (Submitted by J. Smith)

Halloween candy facts
Friday, October 31st 2014