Good Reads - September 2015
Monday, August 24th 2015
Welcome back everyone!  Welcome to our new students
Tuesday, August 25th 2015
The magical power of focus

More than half of students are chasing dying careers

Lacing techniques for your athletic shoes
Wednesday, August 26th 2015
What makes vintage video game art cool

What happens to your body one hour after drinking soda

That liberal arts degree has become tech's hottest ticket
Thursday, August 27th 2015
Cereal package design for adults

Learning to sketch vs. Sketching to learn

MIT's new 3D printer uses molten glass
Friday, August 28th 2015
Evolution of popular magazine covers over the years

How Simple Changes In Your Body Language Can Boost Your
Mood And Creativity

Logo Trends - Contours
Monday, August 31st 2015
How I became an artist. My 12 year journey

8 things you could do before 8am

An illustration per day
Tueday, September 1st 2015
10 Things Happy People Do Before Lying In Bed Every Night

10 tips to becoming a better designer

Psychology Of Color, Shapes, Fonts In Logo Designs
Wednesday, September 2nd 2015
The ripple effect of bullying

Japanese organizers defend artists against Olympic logo plagiarism

Cat ear headphones!
Thursday, September 3rd 2015
Google rebrands itself

Typography Mania!

Fun, Quirky Illustrations Of New Words Added To The Oxford
Friday, September 4th 2015
If Other Famous Brands Followed Google And Revamped
Their Logos

Budapest public transportation logos

How to detox from sugar without making it difficult
Tuesday, September 8th 2015
Hear the solar system make music Sample lots and lots of musical styles

Nike rebrand of sports logos from University of Tennessee
Wednesday, September 9th 2015
Visual Identities Of Airlines During The Jet Age

Disney posters in art deco style

Branding designers opinions on new Google logo
Thursday, September 10th 2015
They Draw & Cook - thousands of illustrated recipes

How not to do it all

Designers should design - coders should code
Friday, September 11th 2015
The weird, gross origin of some colors

In the age of Photoshop, most designers still prefer to brainstorm
on paper (YES!)

Useful Tips From Creative Directors On How To Succeed In
Graphic Design
Monday, September 14th 2015
17 Most Dangerous Foods (infographic)

Real or Photoshopped? Take the Adobe Quiz

A sketching exercise
Tuesday, September 15th 2015
2015 Innovation by design awards

8 Questions with Sports Branding Expert Todd Radom

15 cool facts about vegetables
Wednesday, September 16th 2015
Illustrator Fulvio Obregon shares me & my other self portraits

Design psychology checklist

The 10 Commandments of graphic design!
Thursday, September 17th 2015
Interactive, Free Online Course By Pixar Explaining The Math
Behind Its Movies

Will Atomic Be Google Docs For Designers?

RIP type designer Adrian Frutiger
Friday, September 18th 2015
10 Golden Rules Of Composition

Logo Design: Running

How to Use Psychology to Create More Powerful Logos
Monday, September 21st 2015
30 Photoshop photo manipulation effects

4 ways to defeat creative block

Studio Ghibli tattoo art
Tuesday, September 22nd 2015
The action movie musical - in posters!

25 habits that make you a bit more smart

How Pantone became the definitive language of color
Wednesday, September 23rd 2015
A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Cute, Minimalist Animal
Icons On Illustrator

Daily Inspiration for Graphic Designers

MC Escher inspired typography
Thursday, September 24th 2015
20 milestones in the history of branding

Clever Minimalist Illustrations Reveal Different Images When
Viewed Upside Down

Beautiful Curved Moiré Pattern illustrations by Andrea Minini
Friday, September 25th 2015
Marvel Comics pixel art (ours are just as good!)

Practice makes perfect, but awful makes practice

Repackaging at the Dieline
Monday, September 28th 2015
We Photoshopped away our insecurities (and the results)

101 Artists To Listen To Before You Die illustrated book

Kern like a pro
Tuesday, September 29th 2015
Flowing water on Mars and the film 'Martian' opening...
here illustrations of astronauts

The presidential logos are *awful*

Famous character icons from Le Duo
Wednesday, September 30th 2015
If famous characters revealed their true identities

5 Things you don't learn in design school

16 ways to not feel groggy in the morning