Good Reads - August 2018
Tuesday, August 14th 2018
10 quotes from leaders in design

Space Force logo rebranded to highlight more pressing issues

Gris is a watercolor fantasy could be 2018’s most gorgeous game
Monday, August 13th 2018
Graphic Designer salaries in Tampa area

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Shortcuts for designers (Bookmark Me!)
Wednesday, August 15th 2018
15 visual hierarchy rules

New icons which represent a wide range of disabilities

Is the death of the gaming console near?
Thursday, August 16th 2018
School in India prioritizes emotional intelligence & happiness

10 superb online resources to help upskill your creativity

Using 'Fortnite' to Train Next Generation Video Game Developers
Friday, August 17th 2018
Music can help you become a better student

7 logos we all love to hate (and lessons we can learn)

Finding nostalgia in the pixelated video games of decades past
Monday, August 20th 2018
130+ artists pay tribute to Studio Ghibli founder Hayao-Miyazaki

Design creates beautiful badges during World Cup

Destiny 2’s new Dreaming City will be its ‘largest endgame
experience ever’
Tuesday, August 21st 2018
Campaign Shows How Your Plastic Straws Suck the Life Out of
Ocean Animals

Behance: Game Design

Mexican Paintings, Lowriders, and Nachos Transformed into
Piñata-Inspired Sculptures by Justin Favela
Six lessons is landing a graphic design job

Vintage, clean logo design archive

What game levels look like before they're finished
Wednesday, August 22nd 2018
Tomorrow’s best video games may be private, offline experiences

Future fonts describes the future of fonts

New exhibit showcases life of rock promoter Bill Graham
Thursday, August 23rd 2018
MIT Creates Image Editing AI That Makes Compositing &
Background Swops A Breeze

27 clever ambigrams that read the same each direction

How to Get a Job in Video Game Design
Friday, August 24th 2018
A Complete Guide To Getting A Design Job... In 2030...

10 tips and tricks for retouching your photos

What are the world's Top 5 video game markets?
Monday, August 27th 2018
Parents & teens agree: We need to use our phones less

This video game knows when you're scared — and it wants to use
that against you

"Snapchat dysmorphia":Selfies & filters driving people to surgery
Tuesday, August 28th 2018
How Super Mario became a global cultural icon

Adevee: Current Print Advertising
Wednesday, August 29th 2018
Best and worst character designs and reboots

The 19 most common mistakes novice designers make

Logos that use 2 designs to create one
Thursday, August 30th 2018
Logged off: meet the teens who refuse to use social media

10 Commandments of Photoshop

Introduction to Pixel Art for Games
Friday, August 31st 2018