Good Reads - August 2016
Wednesday, August 10th 2016
Five simple challenges to awaken your creativity

Lifelong Learning

4 Simple Steps to Jump Start Your Learning Habit
Thursday, August 11th 2016
Why is sketching still important to design

The Future Of Branding Is Debranding

2016 Graphic Design Guidebook
Friday, August 12th 2016
So Digital Billboard Ads Change With the Speed of Traffic Now

That "S" thing everyone drew in school

100 Years Of Olympic Logos
Monday, August 15th 2016
Google is designing VR to beat bullies from day one.

Guerrila public service

A Closer Look At Minimalism Today—No Helvetica Allowed
Tuesday, August 16th 2016
Seven lessons about the work you were meant to do

Awkward 1970's stock photos

This Documentary reveals Graphic Design before Computers
Wednesday, August 17th 2016
Classic Album + Star Wars=Match Made In "High Fidelity" Heaven

Teaching kids empathy... plus cake!

700+ Free Photoshop Lessons
Thursday, August 18th 2016
15 Tattoos That Are Terrifying When Photoshopped into Real Life

Google's Solution For The UX Design Education Gap: Google

Is Open-Sourced Design Any Good? Mozilla Is Finding Out
Friday, August 19th 2016
The true story behind the Fed Ex Logo

50 famous logos - Then and Now

Graphic designer / commercial artists salaries
Monday, August 22nd 2016
Using color as a keyword to search for images

Tampa ad agency says their work was used without permission

Ancient origins of your obsession with coloring books
Tuesday, August 23rd 2016
10 beautiful fonts for 2016

Site Specific Street Artist Ernest Zacharevic

SkillsUSA contest Descriptions
Wednesday, August 24th 2016
Kentucky Fried Chicken scented sunscreen

Subway's first new logo in 15 years. What do you think?

Artist Matthew Willey Travels the World to Paint 50,000 Bees
Thursday, August 25th 2016
Mums And Dads Swap Faces With Their Babies

Historic computing photos

Photoshop Essentials: The Basics
Monday, August 29th 2016
Man Transforms Photos Of Random Images Into Movie Posters

This Future Highway Will Remove Lanes, But Add Public Transit
And Space For Drones

An Overlooked Factor in Creating Positive Change
Tuesday, August 30th 2016
Designer redesigns UI for Pokemon Go!

Creative Logos Made w Negative Space, Vibrant Color Gradients

Five timeless design lesson from Bauhaus
Wednesday, August 31st 2016
St. Pete Mural Fest  - September 1st - 10th

6000 historical childrens books, digitized and online

Typography hierarchy for beginners