Good Reads - August 2014
Monday, August 18th 2014
A Guide for Young People: What to Do With Your Life

Artist purchases homeless signs for $20 a pop

35 Smart Logos That Will Make You Look Twice
Tuesday, August 19th 2014
Are camera phones ruining our memory?

If corporate slogans were honest

Bringing extinct animals back to life is really happening
Wednesday, August 20th 2014
Is Malcom Gladwells 10,000 Hour rule misinformation?

Four kinds of advertising Millenials have killed off

Good tech company logo ideas
Thursday, August 21st 2014
Spiromath - The Intersection of Math and Art

BIC Universal typeface experiment

Is this McDonalds Happy Meal character terrifying?
Friday, August 22nd 2014
The 20 year old making a living off Facebook

Does advertising clutter your life?

12 tricks advertisers use to sell you things
Monday, August 25th 2014
You can learn anything (submitted by Jessie Thames)

Cliche's in design examined using pictograms

Portfolio of Canadian artist Raphael Lacoste
Tuesday, August 26th 2014
Goings on at Visual News

The importance of kindness (video)

New York Museum of Glass branding
Wednesday, August 27th 2014
Art + Math + Gifs = Yes

Digging up the real Mona Lisa(  Submitted by B. Lachance)

Data theft just by touching your computer  (Submitted by B. Lachance)
Thursday, August 28th 2014
The Man Who Made a Copy of Himself  (Submitted by S. Nickols)

The quietest place in the world  (Submitted by S. Nickols)

New app tells the story behind famous typefaces
Friday, August 29th 2014
Are 3D printed "bump keys" a threat?  (Submitted by A. Bianchi)  

Workin' at the creepy doll hospital  (Submitted by A. Bianchi)  

23 steps for surviving high school