Good Reads - April 2018
Tuesday, April 3rd 2018
Artopia: A 3D Painting App That Lets You Create Artworks for
Others to Discover in Augmented Reality

Smartphones Are Killing The Planet Faster Than Anyone Expected

20 design principles explains with simple illustrations
Monday, April 2nd 2018
Ready Player One preview (Go see it!)

Apple logo designer offers free Masterclass on logo design

Adobe price increase confuses customers
Wednesday, April 4th 2018
My Game Design Degree: A Postmortem

5 logo Easter eggs you may have missed

25 logo design tips from the experts
Thursday, April 5th 2018
How to make your own character bible

Five decades of art history books online and browseable.

How to play video games without messing up your body
Friday, April 6th 2018
15 Golden rules of visual hierarchy

Most influential designs of the past 33 years

One game is betting hard against the direction of PUBG & Fortnite
Monday, April 9th 2018
The history of graphic design part 1

The best retro-gaming websites

6 important logo design principles every designer should know
Tuesday, April 10th 2018
These animated characters won't stop staring at you

Top 10 creative trends for 2018

The words for gaming in different languages
Wednesday, April 11th 2018
The fonts used in many famous logos

22 awesome dairy package designs

2018 top graphic design art schools
Thursday, April 12th 2018
Writing the 1,500-Page Script of 'Life Is Strange: Before the Storm'

16 design rules debunked

8 brilliant portfolios from young designers
Friday, April 13th 2018
Why so many young Britons are unhappy "Social Media has
poisoned us"

Teens who have quit social media

God of War PS4 reviews roundup
Monday, April 16th 2018
10 Impressive Projects from Award-Winning In-House Type Teams

How to Create a Game Graphic Style Text Effect in Illustrator

Five design student stereotypes to avoid
Tuesday, April 17th 2018
'Sea of Thieves' game review

Trendlist - Trends in graphic design

Retro Vectors
Wednesday, April 18th 2018
Zara’s Confusing Promo Logo Has People Asking If It’s
Rebranding As A Pharmacy

3-D printed shoes from Nike

The rise of the ambient video game
Wednesday, April 18th 2018
Zara’s Confusing Promo Logo Has People Asking If It’s
Rebranding As A Pharmacy

3-D printed shoes from Nike

The rise of the ambient video game
Thursday, April 19th 2018
Volkswagen to rebrand

The web designer starter toolkit

New Photoshop features lets you convert low-res to hi-res
Friday, April 20th 2018
Pantone Releases 112 New Colors for Graphic Designers

Trivago rebrands. What do you think?

Developing an eye for efficiency in game design
Monday, April 23rd 2018
Photoshop certification Quizlets        Illustrator       InDesign

Plastic Marine Debris Documented in photos by Mandy Barker

Game Design: Dandara's unique jump-only movement mechanic
Tuesday, April 24th 2018
101 Adobe lllustrator tips and tricks

Secret history of Russia's most famous brand

GameRant - Industry news
Wednesday, April 25th 2018
NVIDIA’s Impressive ‘Content-Aware’ AI Tool Fills Up Broken
Photos Realistically

McDonald's 30th Anniversary Budapest billboards

The World’s Most Recognizable Logos, Redesigned As Fonts
Thursday, April 26th 2018
7 Tips for working in the graphic design industry

MAD magazines first rebrand in 63 years

Destiny 2: Warmind stream reveals Ana Bray character
Friday, April 27th 2018
The Cover Project - Thousands of video game boxes

Learn digital design techniques with these new, free online
video tutorials

15 emerging design trends
Monday, April 30th 2018
Loot boxes declared illegal in Belgium

Want to get smarter? Look at these colors?

Self-Promotion tips for Graphic Design & Designers