Good Reads - April 2012
MAY 3rd, 2012
The death's head pizza logo

What is the ultimate purpose of a newspaper — to make money, or inform the

MAY 2nd, 2012
How (and why) athletes go broke

Advertising superheros of the 1940's

50 cool portfolio websites

MAY 1st, 2012
A Brief History of International Symbols

Billions of habitable worlds. Discovery boosts the odds that Alien life may exist

The evolution of 20 corporate brand logos

APRIL 27th, 2012
Monsanto is a monster. BUYS bee research group that implicated it in bee
colony collapse disorder.

Ex Atari employee completes "impossible" game 20 years later. Star Castle for
the Atari 2600

A good read again... this site is awesome

APRIL 26th, 2012
Some logo inspiration

Geeky poster design

NASA funding satellite that would beam power down to earth

APRIL 25th, 2012
I'm sorry... this is one cool table. Incredible design

Pizza Hut Middle East has taken stuffed crust to the mega-EXTREME!

What's really in a hot dog?

Hungry Hungry Hippos: The Movie

APRIL 24th, 2012
X-ray spexs and sea monkeys: Collecting comic book toys

Brainfreeze explained

15 logo design tips

APRIL 23rd, 2012
Flexible smart phone concept by Philips

Fear of clowns

Disney secrets

APRIL 20th, 2012
Infographic central Design

A narwhal's smile

APRIL 19th, 2012
Look up at the ceiling

Visual News - Design News

Wire mesh portraits

APRIL 18th, 2012
Art out of cardboard

Oil absorbing, nano-tube sponge

Google doodler job ad posted

APRIL 17th, 2012
The international movement for the end of cash

The brands of cars we drive

Felt material characters!

APRIL 16th, 2012
1950's prototype electric car

What's up with Mike & Ike. Modern social media marketing campaign

Chocolate 3-D Printer

APRIL 13th, 2012
Vintage, Russian anti-drinking posters

Famous logos and their non-Western adaptations

What is your state best at?

APRIL 12th, 2012
The internet guide to jazz age slang

Controversy deepens over bee colony collapse and pesticides

The year 2000 as envisioned in 1910

APRIL 11th, 2012
25 photos celebrating jazz history

Is this false advertising?

Is the internet ruining your brain?

APRIL 10th, 2012
Domino's Pizza "Think Oven" campaign

Rethink your drink

15 logos with hidden images

APRIL 9th, 2012
10 beautifully design alternative Disney posters

Self publish your own magazine with Zeen

Visual inspiration

APRIL 5th, 2012
Why digital-native media will almost always win

Flat icons and icon fonts

Famous web color pallettes

APRIL 4, 2012
Pie charts

Printable robots

Logo Lounge

APRIL 3,  2012
The future of photo sharing apps

11 disgusting food ingredients you may be eating every day

The one-tap pizza delivery button

Taco copter

APRIL 2, 2012
How words shape design

The smell of freshly-cut grass is actually a plant distress call

Who is Washington State, Route 29 Batman?