Good Reads - March 2019
8 Categories of Bad Design

Playing board games is on the rise

Gooey ranch-em-up Slime Rancher has sold over 2 million copies
Friday, March 1st 2019
Kellogg’s Redesigns Its Cereal Packaging

15 top typography resources gives students resources into design field
Monday, March 4th 2019
ESports Pictogram is not very athletic looking

The horrible things that have happened at Chuck E. Cheese

Using negative space to draw better hands
Tuesday, March 5th 2019
Beautiful Color Palettes Of Countries From Around The World

Paramount Pictures’ Logo Started as a Desktop Doodle, and Has
Endured for 105 Years

Mages of Mystralia dev dishes out spellcasting wisdom and game
industry real talk
Wednesday, March 6th 2019
Pantone launches new Metallics colour range

Copying colors from one image and applying them to another in

How Into the Spider-Verse got its mind-blowing look
Thursday, March 7th 2019
Stranger Things book artists show how to create perfectly retro -
and spooky - covert art

Feminism meets type as female lettering artists from around the
world unite

With streaming move, Google eyes future of gaming
Monday, March 18th 2019
How to create a chain reaction of good habits

What Happened When I Made My Students Turn Off Their

A six-figure career playing video games? Welcome to the world of
professional esports
Tuesday, March 19th 2019
60 negative space illustrations by Noma Bar

8 inspiring graphic design game-changers

What If Instead of Taking the SAT You Got to Play a Video Game?
Wednesday, March 20th 2019
International Design Awards 2019 Outstanding Achievement:

Ornate mosque ceiling, Iran

Google Stadia instantly becomes a Netflix-like game streaming
Thursday, March 21st 2019
Shocking Images Raise Awareness Of Plastic Pollution Of The
World's Oceans

NVIDIA develops AI that turns sketches into lifelike photos

World Video Game Hall of Fame 2019 Finalists Announced
Friday, March 22nd 2019
13 pro tips on how to get a job in graphic design

Why self-observation is the skill of the future

This is How Photorealistic Video Game Engines Are Now
Monday, March 25th 2019
Florida Polycon Geek fest takes place Sat, March 30th.

Inside the redesign of the world's largest computer games
platform, Steam

13 logo trends for 2019
Tuesday, March 26th 2019
8 inspiring graphic design game changers

30 top vector art tutorials

How a game from 2001 is saving lives in Venezueala
Wednesday, March 27th 2019
10 things not to say to designers

30 top graphic designers to follow on Behance

Borderlands 3 Seemingly Confirmed,
Thursday, March 28th 2019
Why manners still matter

5 top tips for speedy learning

World Video Game Hall announces 2019 finalists
Friday, March 29th 2019