Good Reads - March 2016
Tuesday, February 23rd 2016
When graphic design was a protest weapon

11 Most Affordable Graphic Design Schools In The US

Famous movie title names reveal details using negative space
Wednesday, February 24th 2016
Sketch VS Photoshop, How Designers Worked With These Tools
In 2015

16 famous designers share their notebooks

Under Iranian mosques
Thursday, February 25th 2016
How to answer difficult interview decisions

Sketching your way to greatness

Seeing (and understanding) Kandinsky
Friday, February 26th 2016
Art Institute of Tampa

Coca Cola VR kits

10 typography tricks every designer should know
Monday, February 29th 2016
Facebook's Product Design Director Explains One Of Its Biggest
UX Changes In Years

Worth1000 is now DesignCrowd

iPhone 7 concept includes a flexible, widescreen
Tueday, March 1st 2016
Graphic designer pet peeves

The taxonomy of typography

Why we need to let go of 'control'
Wednesday, March 2nd 2016
Basketball teams get a 1980's logo remake

Mr. Rogers

Dr. Seuss
Thursday, March 3rd 2016
Adobe Portfolio - Case Study

Typography Work of Anthony James

OBIE award nominations and Hall of Fame billboards
Friday, March 4th 2016
19 horrible things caffeine can do to you

What drinking soda does to your body

30+ Of The Most Creative T-Shirt Designs Ever
Monday, March 7th 2016
Most Commonly Misused Design Terms And Their Accurate Usage

Cool tilt-shift photography

Design tips for an awesome portfolio
Tuesday, March 8th 2016
Artist Arto Saad

14 biggest challenges in design

28 ways we sabotage our own happiness
Wednesday, March 9th 2016
Quest To Learn gaming school

Logo bashing is here to stay

122 guerilla marketing techniques
Thursday, March 10th 2016
Who are graphic designers anyways?

The next tech revolution may be in your ear

AT&T rebrands itself
Friday, March 11th 2016
Evolution of the best picture movie poster

Designers give the Oscar Best Picture Nominees a Pop Art

10 differences between successful and unsuccessful people
Tuesday, March 15th 2016
NBA teams rebranded as retro mix tape cassettes

Why simplified graphic design is not easy

The Precarious State Of Logo Design
Wednesday, March 16th 2016
Adobe Previews New Design Tool To Rival Sketch

How Sketching Can Unlock Big Ideas

How Your T-Shirt Can Make You Rich
Thursday, March 17th 2016
Type Genius (compare your fonts)

Vibrant vector animal illustrations w gradients that work

Cheap Trick band T-Shirt Contest ($500) (18 and up Only!)
Friday, March 18th 2016
Earphones that sit around your neck instead of ears

BBC Unveils New Colorful Logo For Its Kids Channel, Receives
Criticisms Again

A roadmap to overcoming insecurities
Monday, March 28th 2016
Microsoft Holoportation

30 One-Sentence Improv Lessons Anybody Can Practice To Live
A Happier Life

Threadless Artists Shops
Tuesday, March 29th 2016
VR headset hoodies

Showcase and discover design styles - behance

Wednesday, March 30th 2016
Reusable notebook saves your notes via cloud

What kind of typeface are you?

14 biggest challenges in design today
Thursday, March 31st 2016
Google’s $149 Professional Photo Editing Software Is Now Free
To Download

10 captivating uses of typography in movies

10 pro tips for better T-shirt designs