Good Reads - March 2015
Industrial Design as a career for high schoolers

Ad Week Weekly - Roundup of current ads

Turkish artist Halil Ural
Monday, March 2nd 2015
How Non-Artists Can Draw: Lynda Barry on Teaching Creativity

Top 10 packaging projects and articles

Pictograms – The New Sliced Bread in Icon Design
Tuesday, March 3rd 2015
The Artiphone transforms into many musical instruments

The Do-It-Yourself design of missing pet flyers

Coca-Cola Invites Designers to Recreate Art Starring Its Iconic Bottle
Wednesday, March 4th 2015
Tools that change the way we design and build

Internet slang meets American sign language

How to Save The Environment By Growing Biodegradable Clothes
Thursday, March 5th 2015
Designspiration - Pictograms

Logo Design: Taxis

Overcoming distraction in a positive way
Friday, March 6th 2015
Packaging of The World

Recently Rejected

Infographic: Proper Handshake Etiquette Practiced In 14 Different Countries
Monday, March 9th 2015
Graphic need: it's time to bring design into the spotlight

Thought-Provoking Graphite Pencil Drawings by Pez

5 Lame Hockey logos
Tuesday, March 10th 2015
Vintage Frankenstein poster - $225k smackaroos

Optical illusion cartoon bags

10 Graphic Designers You Should Be Able To Name Drop
Wednesday, March 11th 2015
Can you spot the correct Apple logo?

Simple design tips for success

Humor in design
Thursday, March 12th 2015

Logo design - Brains

The legacy of Charles Schulz
Friday, March 13th 2015
Universal, foldable keyboard

Awesome How To Speak Designer infographics

How to price a logo design
Tuesday, March 17th 2015
The finger reader reads books for the blind

Don't judge a book by its designed cover - this one took over 100 tries

4 Reasons Why Design Is Taking Over Silicon Valley
Wednesday, March 18th 2015
Animal Logos by Ivan Bobrov

3-D typography jumps off the page

Design Milk
Thursday, March 19th 2015
50 Life Changing Motivational Quotes  – as Awesome Posters

Popular ‘Puffin Classics’ Return With Lovely New Illustrated Book Covers

What happens when average ladies pose for magazine covers & get
Friday, March 20th 2015
Video game or Pixar movie? The future of animation

What's up at

Miguel Chevalier's digital arabesques adapt to visitors' movements
Monday, March 23rd 2015

Commercial Arts online magazine

New Wave & Post-Punk icons reimagined as superheroes
Tuesday, March 24th 2015
25 Ideas Shaping The Future Of Design

Ad Week magazine

Comic Book Logos
Wednesday, March 25th 2015
Marvel comics character profiles

Some interesting information on the color blue (submitted by Jessie Thames)

How to draw hyper-realistic chocolate bars - The Realism Challenge
Thursday, March 26th 2015
DC comics character profiles

10 Types of Hateful Employees All Workplaces Have- Infographic

5 Creativity Myths
Friday, March 27th 2015