Good Reads - February 2014
20-Year-Old Hunter S. Thompson’s Superb Advice on How to Find
Your Purpose and Live a Meaningful Life

Science fiction book covers and other neato stuff

Call for Entries to the 2014 International Graphic Design Awards
Wednesday, January, 29th, 2014
Beams of sound immerse you in music others can't hear

52 Photoshop failures

5 reasons you hire a designer
Thursday, January, 30th, 2014
26 professional Photoshop retouchiing tutorials

Zen - Unprocrastination

Is Paper the future of Facebook?
Friday, January, 31st, 2014
The art of Danny Ivan

How sketching and drawing impact creativity

Design Zombies
Monday, February, 3rd, 2014
Facebooks new "Paper" introduces their own Photoshop - "Origami"

The Pattern Library

Op Art!
Tuesday, February, 4th, 2014
Veggie powered light displays

The first Spotify DJ app - Pacemaker

Illustrator Astrid Yskout (cool last name!)
Wednesday, February, 5th, 2014
Dezeen online magazine

22 Photoshop fails

Trend List: Exploring visual trends in contemporary graphic design
Thursday, February, 6th, 2014
Designsperation - abstract music

Design Observer

Friday, February, 7th, 2014
Behind the look of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic logo

10 most popular web fonts for 2013
Monday, February, 10th, 2014
The art of the outdoor, typographic mural

The typographic art of the menu
Tuesday, February, 11th, 2014
One persons take... Worst Fonts Ever! 11 Examples of Bad
Typography in Print

Crimes against typography

100 unique examples of typography in design
Wednesday, February, 12th, 2014
Almost 100 years of Olympic logos

Bad Type - Good Type

75 reasons you may be unhappy
Thursday, February, 13th, 2014
The history behind Valentine's day

2014 Designs of the Year entries

The made up words project
Friday, February, 14th, 2014
The work of Javier Bueno

Infographics of the day

Designers visualize their biggest complaints
Tuesday, February, 18th, 2014
RIP Bob Casale of DEVO :(

11 steps to a perfect logo

Documentary - "If You Build It"
Wednesday, February, 19th, 2014


I love
Thursday, February, 20th, 2014
Spectacular posters from the Golden Age of Magic

100 years of Olympic posters

The work of artist Adhemas Batista
Friday, February, 21st, 2014
Flower macrophotography

Inspiration grid

Practical typography
Monday, February, 24th, 2014
10 typography crimes

10 type mistakes that make you look not so skilled at what you do

365 geometric designs. One per day for a year.
Tuesday, February, 25th, 2014
The reality of running your own design business (Tip:Freelance!)

The cosmos bed (I want one!)

"Got Milk?" is finally retired
Wednesday, February, 26th, 2014
The Good Life poster (and project)

Present day London mashed up with famous paintings

Typography Mania home page
Thursday, February, 27th, 2014
Mike Parker, Godfather Of Helvetica, Dies

Nutrition labels get redesign (guess what font this is?)

The Twitter logo redesign
Friday, February, 28th, 2014