Good Reads - January 2015
15 Strategies To Becoming A Better Student

Mark Twain's 9 Ways Live A Better Life

Future technology you should know about in 2015
Tuesday, December 19th 2014
The World As 100 People  (Submitted by J Thames)


How designers turn data into infographics (great use of thumbnails and
concept sketching)
Wednesday, January 7th 2015
The digital designs of artist Patrick Seymour

Art of the menu

3D printing & design helps a disabled dog to run again
Thursday, January 8th 2015
This date error was an experiment by the way, to see who in class
would notice or point this out... no one said anything.. Hmmm...
Illustrators worldwide reactions to Paris shootings

Cool space typography

Do your fonts work togather? Make a Type Connection!
Friday, January 9th 2015
Information is beautiful

Illustrated new years resolutions

FiftyThree Pencil now lets you start sketching in Paper and finish in
Adobe apps
Monday, January 12th 2015
Incredible Library of Congress poster collection

Logo Design Inspiration - Floral Crests

Lost At E Minor - Design News
Tuesday, January 13th 2015
Evolution of David Bowie's hair

100 Super creative logo designs

Redesign of iconic metal albums as vintage graphic design
Wednesday, January 14th 2015
Telepresence and haptic response

Artist Bruce Riley Paint With Resin

20 ways to overcome creative block
Thursday, January 15th 2015
The daily routines of creative people

What 2000 calories looks like

Old School typographic logos
Friday, January 16th 2015
Flat Design vs Realism

Final college project book redesign - Harry Potter

Tree Change Dolls
Tuesday, January 20th 2015
Cool perspective pixel art by Megapont

Wish Books - a look at consumer culture through catalogs

Ten logos that stay true to their origins
Wednesday, January 21st 2015
Spirograph lives!

Monument Valley inspires its own typeface

Futuristic music instruments
Thursday, January 22nd 2015
83 cool logo - letterhead designs

All-Top - tons of graphic design news

Illustrator Josh Cochran
Friday, January 23rd 2015
Designer Daily - Graphic Design

Tangerine Dream founder Edgar Froese passes away

Comprehensive guide to symbolism
Monday, January 26th 2015
100 Amazing Illustrator Tutorials

An abandoned time capsule home

Beautiful Illustrations by Sylvain Sarrailh
Tuesday, January 27th 2015
12 Tips for getting started with Illustrator

The history of the Patriots and Seahawks logos
Wednesday, January 28th 2015
Pantone's color of the year - Radiant Orchid

Cool Infographics
Thursday, January 29th 2015
The Visual Communication Guy

Household Hacks Infographic

Short video on what it means to be creative
Friday, January 30th 2015