Good Reads - January 2014
Disneyland Minimalist - Artist Tony Sherg

The future of interior design - Adornably

The South is America's drop-out factory
Monday, January, 6th, 2014
Six design trends for 2014

Illustrator Marina Muun

Would you live in a Wal-Mart parking lot?
Tuesday, January, 7th, 2014
Students, please take a moment to complete this short
online survey about our school
Guy draws himself and his cat in the style of 100 illustrators

3-D Typography

Wednesday, January, 8th, 2014
Interview with an Illustrator: Dan Woodger

Super minimal movie posters

Why start-up companies need design students
Thursday, January, 9th, 2014
Yellowhammer Illustration

Mysteries of the unseen world

Buddhify - the meditation app
Friday, January, 10th, 2014
A visual guide to design for everyone

The architect alphabet

Design trends for 2014
Monday, January, 13th, 2014
Send your uncensored message into outer space

Logo design - compasses

Graphic Design USA magazine
Tuesday, January, 14th, 2014
How to look at art

Illustrator Alexey Rudikov

Test Taking Tips
Wednesday, January, 14th, 2014
NFL logos reimagined as hipsters

Interview with graphic designer Matt Wiley

21 ways to simplify your life
Thursday, January, 15th, 2014
Fifty free lessons on graphic design theory

The best marketing & advertising jobs of last year

Infographic - How dogs evolved
Tuesday, January, 21st, 2014
100 Famous movie quotes visualized as data

Illustrator Ryo Takemasa

The marriage of Photoshop and Typography
Wednesday, January, 22nd, 2014
12 essential logo design tips

Designsperation - T-Shirts

Interview with graphic designer Jon Morgan
Thursday, January, 23rd, 2014
The noun project... turning icons into profit

Logo Design - Dinosaurs

Morality & Dicipline Digital Illustrations
Friday, January, 24th, 2014
Cartoon characters as Native American icons

All of the MAD magazine covers

Graphics magazine .com
Monday, January, 27th, 2014
181 Dog breeds poster

Tom Eckersley's greatest posters exhibition

Tuesday, January, 28th, 2014
20-Year-Old Hunter S. Thompson’s Superb Advice on How to Find
Your Purpose and Live a Meaningful Life

Science fiction book covers and other neato stuff

Call for Entries to the 2014 International Graphic Design Awards
Wednesday, January, 29th, 2014
Beams of sound immerse you in music others can't hear

52 Photoshop failures

5 reasons you hire a designer
Thursday, January, 30th, 2014
26 professional Photoshop retouchiing tutorials

Zen - Unprocrastination

Is Paper the future of Facebook?
Friday, January, 31st, 2014