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Class Portfolios
Design instruction. Industry news. Life prep. Student artwork. Bad jokes. Cool music. Good times.

How To Print And Save For Web
  • Select your paper size (Letter or Legal)
  • Be sure the orientation is correct (Portrait or Landscape) and check
    the SCALE TO FIT MEDIA box.
  • Print to the Lexmark (Copy 2) printer

  • Open your work and do a COPY MERGED copy of it
  • Create a new file and paste it.
  • Go to IMAGE- IMAGE SIZE and change the resolution to 100dpi
  • With your file open, go to FILE - SAVE FOR WEB & DEVICES
  • In the upper right corner, select the JPEG option and make sure it's
  • In the lower left corner, you'll see the file tag JPEG and a time in
    seconds. It should be under 100 seconds.
  • Choose SAVE and select your block folder.
Semester 1
Study guides for Photoshop and Illustrator
certification exams can be found by clicking
on the text above.



Groove Salad is the channel I play
in class all the time
Semester 2 is a simple web page creator that lets you look at thousands of website
templates and then save one and edit it. Remove their pictures, put in yours.
Remove their text, put in yours.  Changing color schemes, etc.. The best portfolio
pages have a simple landing (or Splash) page, and then links to your gallery.

Some student examples can be
found here. Design an online portfolio for
yourself. Include your artwork you've designed this semester, year or so far during
your time in class. Your name should figure prominently into the design.
Pages should include:
  • Index Page - Examples Page - About You Page - Contact Page

*Pictures for upload must be saved JPEG, BMP, PNG or TIFF formats.

  • Save As to your folder with your name in the title.
  • Go through each standard regardless of level and start checking off what
    you know you have accomplished and provide your corresponding proof.
2015 - 2016
Spring 2018
Week 1 Jan 8th - 12th
Week 2 Jan 16th - 19th
NEW STUDENTS (2nd Semester)
1. Adobe Illustrator Practice 1 & 2
2. Adobe Illustrator Styles
3. Adobe Illustrator Self-Portrait
1. Industry Pricing Research
2. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial
3. Adobe Illustrator Demonstration
Level 2 Students
  • Class Discussions
  • Upcoming Semester
  • Discuss Projects

PROJECT 1 | Level 2 Students   Adobe Illustrator Pre-Production and Practice
Have a look at the Adobe Illustrator section of the website. Your pre-production work will be to read about what Adobe
Illustrator is and does, what is it is primarily used for, practice using the pen tool by playing the Pen Tool Games, trace
out some simple and complex shapes using Illustrator, visit and have a look at their training tools for
Illustrator. Once you feel comfortable, you'll be creating a self portrait of yourself using Adobe Illustrator.
PROJECT 1 | Industry Pricing Research (Due Friday, January 12th)
You will be spending some time doing researching in pricing structures in the graphic design realm.
  • Use this Task Sheet to document your findings. (Site your pertinent website sources)
  • Turn this into the class in box as a word file when complete. Be sure to include your name in the file name.
  • Students become familiar with industry standard software - Adobe Illustrator.
  • Students learn the limitations and advantages to working with vector file formats.
  • Students become knowledgeable with the Pen Tool and Live Tracing images.
Monday thru Friday  January 8th - 12th
Level 3 and Up Students
PROJECT 2 | Adobe Illustrator Intermediate to Advanced projects (Due Thursday, January 18th)
You will be choosing a tutorial of your choice from any of these sites:

Work your way through the tutorial.
Be prepared to share new knowledge with other students when the project is complete.
PROJECT 3 | Adobe Illustrator Pair & Share (Due Friday, January 19th) *more details forthcoming*
You will be demonstrating techniques and tips you discovered while creating your recent tutorial
  • Must demonstrate at least two new skillset techniques.
  • Demonstration should be cohesive. Made up on the spot presentations will not be accepted.
  • Provide at least 1 or 2 web links to where students can follow up this skillset.
Adobe Illustrator: One New Thing For The Week
2 pts
2 pts
3 pts

  Intermediate Pen Tool Exercises (More Practice and Effects)
  Pen Tool Exercise Maniacs!
  • Find a partner in crime in the class. You have one shot at the Bezier Game - Those with the most left-over
    nodes. we'll combine your score and your partners. Most Nodes left over wins a super happy fun prize --- GO!